BrandZ Top Canadian Brands

RBC is crowned Canada’s most valuable brand in inaugural BrandZ Canada Top 40 ranking

They key to any business’ success is how it is seen in the eye of its customer. In the latest study to be added to the BrandZ series of rankings, this report uncovers the trends driving brand growth in Canada by analysing validated financials alongside interviews with over 50,000 Canadian consumers.

Read the report to discover which brands made the ranking, what Canadian consumers really think of their country’s most valuable brands and how that contrasts with consumers around the world, and the opportunities available for Canadian brands to grow their value – at home and abroad.

Thought Leadership

Getting gender right: portraying women in Canadian advertising

Many advertisers in Canada use US ads to save budgets, but they often present a very different portrayal of cultural values and gender roles. Kantar’s Scott Megginson discusses the opportunity for advertisers to rethink how ROI could be improved through better connection to local consumers.


Beyond the catchphrase: why brands need to adopt customer centricity

Susan Sanei-Stamp discusses the importance of customer centricity, and how placing the consumer at the centre of your business decisions builds equity. What does your business do to ensure its focus is on the consumer?


Brand Purpose In Canada

Canadian consumers today reward brands that exhibit a strong, useful and authentic purpose, but ensuring consumers are aware of your efforts is no easy task. Paul Gareau shares 3 key lessons to create an impactful brand purpose.