BrandZ Spotlight on Myanmar

After decades of isolation, we now see clear signals that significant change is under way in Myanmar. As consumer markets begin to evolve there will be many opportunities for brands. Because of this potential, WPP and Millward Brown have conducted our proprietary BrandZ™ research in Myanmar to understand how consumers regard brands now, to gauge the scale of opportunity, and to begin tracking the journey of brands in this market.

The BrandZ analysis shows there is clearly early mover advantage in Myanmar. Consumers who have had little choice of brands or places to shop have not yet made up their minds about what different brands represent. Now is the time for brands to make an impression. KFC, Coca-Cola and Ford are already there. Trading on the newly launched Yangon Stock Exchange began in March 2016.

Read our comprehensive report and learn why Myanmar could be the leapfrog nation that will move quickly from limited internet access to a nation of mobile-connected consumers.

Methodology and valuation by Kantar Millward Brown

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