Brand Contribution

Market-Driven Brands Dominate Leadership

Brand Contribution is the portion of brand value directly attributable to brand after other factors, such as financial performance, are stripped away.

Eight of the Top 10 Brand Contribution leaders are private, market-driven firms. The two State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) belong to the category of SOE BrandZ™ analysis designates as competitive. In contrast to the more strategic SOEs, such as utilities, these brands market consumer products.

Both groups have reasons for investing in brand building. Snow, for example markets beer, a category in which brand plays a central role.

Eight of the Top 10 brands are in either food or drink categories in which the consumer relationship with the brand especially depends on individual preferences and level of trust. Two other brands—Baidu and Tencent—are technology leaders that have developed major brand presence, particularly in social media, in only a few years.

The level of Brand Contribution achieved by the Top 10 requires brand-building investment. The Yili brand reached consumers in both conventional and online media, for example, and was even featured in ads on the sides of London buses during the 2012 summer Olympics. ChangYu plans to invest over $1 billion in a wine research and commercial center expected to open by 2016.

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