The Advertised Mind

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The Advertised Mind by Erik du Plessis provides a fascinating and fresh insight into how our brains work and respond to advertising. Buy the Book

All thought is guided and shaped by emotion

We like to think of ourselves as rational human beings but there is no escaping that the way we think and act is triggered and shaped by our initial emotional response to events, and that includes advertising.

The Advertised Mind by Erik du Plessis explores the world of advertising, drawing on information about the working of the human brain to suggest why emotion, as measured by ad-liking, is such an important factor in establishing a firm memory of an advertisement and predisposing consumers to buy that brand.

Already selected by Fast Company magazine as the Reader’s Choice for July 2005, The Advertised Mind provides a unique synthesis of the theories of memory and learning and how they relate to advertising effectiveness as measured by survey research.

Alongside Erik du Plessis, Millward Brown has been delving deeper into the associations between emotion and advertising success and sales, making Millward Brown the leading research authority in this area.

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