Rich Emotion Insights

Millward Brown captures rich emotion insights with every Link copy test to help optimize your ad campaigns.

Millward Brown is the industry leader in helping marketers and agencies around the world optimize ad campaigns with our Link copy-testing solutions.

Millward Brown's Link copy-testing solutions use a comprehensive set of evaluative and diagnostic questions to evoke both rational and emotional viewer reactions. Neuroscience techniques like facial coding are built into every Millward Brown copy test and provide moment-by-moment insights of emotional response to your advertising.

We offer the industry’s best recommendations to optimize your creative to generate strong emotional impact and in-market effect, and to help you deliver the highest ROI from your advertising.

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View emotional response to different ads based on your facial expressions.

Millward Brown's Link copy-testing solutions are always evolving to provide the best recommendations to optimize advertising and drive brand growth. Choose an iconic ad from the past four decades and give our facial coding tool a trial run to see how you will respond.


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