Changing Channels
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Make the most of your media spend — change channels with confidence and challenge yourself to explore new opportunities to connect with consumers and
grow your brand

Marketers regularly change the creative content of their campaigns, but there is no automatic driver for adopting new media channels. Changing established media allocations is risky; weighing the options requires time and effort, and then there is the “fear factor” — making the wrong decision can make exploration seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

Our Changing Channels 70/20/10 model captures the dynamic nature of the media marketplace and embodies the need for channel plans to continually evolve to provide optimal return.

The world moves forward, and those who don’t advance are left behind. Marketers need a way to embrace change without being consumed by it. Learn more about our key channel optimization solutions AdIndex® (Dash, Mobile), CrossMedia Research™, and FanIndex.

We encourage clients to be forward thinking and BRAVE enough to embrace the 10%.
Understanding media, digital and technology is at the core of everything we do, but we never lose sight of the role that digital plays in the wider media mix.
We believe in integrated. We’re passionate about helping marketers with their integrated media planning.
We get that digital is dynamic, and we love that digital is diverse. As digital technologies evolve, so do our solutions.
We’re as happy connecting as collecting. We know there’s huge value and insight to be found in linking our brand surveys to behavioral and sales data.
We have the world’s leading database of online effectiveness, MarketNorms®.
We are the global leaders in delivering insights that lead to better media and digital decisions.
Research efforts should keep a big picture perspective but deep dive into new and emerging channels.
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Changing Channels POV

Changing channels with confidence: A structure for innovation

Millward Brown’s Media and Digital solutions will help you embrace new technologies and adapt to the changing consumer and media landscape, while continuing to leverage the channels that are working for you now. By implementing the 70/20/10 media allocation model to the strategic channel planning process, we help you “change channels” with confidence. We advise investing:

  • 70% in your established, proven channel mix
  • 20% innovating around what works
  • 10% to fund true experimentation in emerging channels

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Digital Media Planning

Evidence based guidelines

When planning your media campaign it is important to understand the strengths of each format, how audiences respond to them and how they can work together.

Millward Brown has created some simple guidelines for marketers who want to make the most effective use of all forms of digital media - from websites to online video, social media and mobile - as part of an integrated campaign.

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AdReaction 2012

Marketing in the mobile world

Mobile presents marketers globally with an unprecedented opportunity to engage with consumers. The AdReaction 2012 study was conducted using qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies across 18 countries. The study was designed to understand what marketers need to know to explore advertising in the mobile space with confidence.

While there are many examples of early successes in mobile marketing, it remains new territory for many. Technology has raised the bar for advertisers, and consumers now expect more – marketers must master the delicate balance of effectively connecting with consumers without overstepping boundaries. AdReaction 2012 highlights the ad formats that successfully achieve this balance and outlines the opportunity for marketers and publishers to innovate, test, learn and effectively use mobile to build brands.

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Digital and Media Predictions

10 predicted trends for 2013

What trends will take hold in 2013 and radically alter the way marketers interact with consumers? Millward Brown’s Global Futures Group makes its annual predictions.

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