Case Study

Multi-Agency Partnership Rescues Media Investment for Technology Brand

How Millward Brown Partnered With a Valued Client and Their Media Agency to Drive Greater Digital Success


It was apparent that mid-way through a key campaign, the creative in use for this global technology brand was under performing. Extreme measures had to be taken to adapt the campaign to improve performance and rescue what might become 100% wasted media investment.


Millward Brown learned that over half of the target audience was unable to tell which brand was being advertised. Having local market relationships and a centrally connected team, Millward Brown was able to amplify key creative learnings with the client at a much broader level. Further observations witnessed across several markets enabled the team to generate more concrete and sharable best practices for future campaigns.


Due to timing and cost, creative redevelopment was not an option but the media agency was able to adopt their strategy to demographic targeting in order to focus on the positive segment.


Following Millward Brown's best practice protocols, we were able to work with both the client and media agency to develop a creative guideline to be embedded across the business. This led to improved creative development and optimization to drive better brand performance from a stronger base.

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