Case Study

Maximizing Investment in Digital for the Re-Launch of a Popular Food Brand in Brazil

Millward Brown Helps Global Food Brand Optimize Digital Investment to Update Brand Positioning and Launch New Flavors


Our global client was making a significant investment in running a digital advertising campaign to reposition a popular food brand in Brazil, while also launching a new line of flavors. The client needed to ensure their investment was being allocated to deliver the best ROI.


Based on the client's increased investment in digital, Millward Brown recommended monitoring the success of the campaign and evaluating ROI in real time using its AdIndex Dash solution.

Millward Brown identified:

  • The best creative format to deliver the brand message
  • Opportunities for improvement of the creative executions to better communicate the intended message
  • The most impactful websites to run the ads


Millward Brown used its AdIndex Dash solution to evaluate the online campaigns that compared brand metrics between those exposed to the campaign and those not exposed (control group), via a real-time dashboard the client could monitor.


Our work helped the client:

  • Redefine their investments to consider the websites that were delivering the best performance
  • Replace some of the creative executions to better deliver the intended message

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