Case Study

Maintaining Consumer Demand Post-Launch

How an Automaker Leveraged Millward Brown's Consumer Behavioral Intelligence to Gain Insight Into Its Online Market Performance


Our client needed to monitor consumer interest in a newly launched auto model to identify if and when additional marketing support may be necessary to ensure ongoing sales.


Millward Brown Digital uncovered that as soon as marketing launch efforts were scaled back, the vehicle's share of segment shoppers decreased, which would have a negative impact on potential sales.


Millward Brown Digital insights justified the need to increase both online and offline marketing spend to ensure consumer demand and sales for the new auto model remained strong.


"As a result of Millward Brown Digital's insights, we identified that we need to provide continuous marketing support for our vehicles after launch in order to maintain shopper interest, avoid losing share to our competitors, and continue to hit our sales targets."

– Market Research Manager
Major Automotive Manufacturer

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