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How Millward Brown Used Its Link™ Copy Testing Solution to Help Kellogg's Deliver Greater Advertising ROI


The Kellogg Company was looking to assess the long-term impact of its television advertising.


"We do a pretty good job – and we think we have a pretty good handle on measuring the short-term response to TV advertising, but we also know that there's a longer-term impact that we're not currently capturing."

– Jeff Doud
Director of Market Place Analytics


Millward Brown and Kellogg's used Link™ copy testing along with tracking and sales data to isolate the effects of creative on long-term sales.

We found that better creative, as defined with Link measures, grows brand predisposition faster – and this predisposition can predict long-term sales outcomes.


The work helped Kellogg's to:

  • PROVE the value of brand-building focus in advertising;
  • ESTABLISH the value of consistent investment in equity focused advertising;
  • ENSURE better action standards are set for achieving strong advertising.

For Kellogg's, taking an "average" ad in Link, and making it a "very good" ad increases sales between 30 and 60%.

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