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Millward Brown Reinventing Brand Equity Measurement To Help Marketers Drive Financial Growth

April 25, 2013

“New” BrandDynamics™ is Centerpiece Solution in Holistic Brand Performance Program

Millward Brown, a global leader in brand, media and communications research, today announced the evolution of its brand tracking offer, bringing together a comprehensive program of solutions to help marketers make faster, more effective decisions, and drive brand growth. Millward Brown’s Brand Performance Programs – grounded in the company’s recently launched Meaningfully Different brand equity framework – integrate brand, creative and media channel research solutions to help clients grow great brands.

“Millward Brown invented tracking, and we’re excited to take it to a new level and address the evolving marketing and media landscapes,” said Eileen Campbell, Millward Brown’s global Chief Executive Officer. “Marketers operate in a complex and cluttered market, and we’ve designed our Brand Performance Programs to address their most central business question – in an elegant, flexible and cost-effective way. Our clients love that the programs can be configured based on specific needs, while remaining linked to driving financial growth.”

The Brand Performance Program suite includes:

  • Strategic Brand Equity solutions, using BrandDynamics, Millward Brown’s signature equity measurement system, to assess a brand's meaningful difference and opportunities for growth; and
  • Performance measurement and management solutions, providing insights that help marketers diagnose and drive in-market performance from a holistic brand, advertising and media channel perspective.

The “new” BrandDynamics
BrandDynamics, now using the Meaningfully Different brand equity framework, is the first solution available within the Brand Performance Program suite. BrandDynamics guides marketers on investment and strategies that drive financial growth using three simple brand metrics:

    Power: a prediction of a brand’s volume share
    Premium: a prediction of a brand’s ability to command a price premium relative to the category average
    Potential: the probability that a brand will grow value share in the next 12 months

Patty Currie, Global Brand Director, Tracking, at Millward Brown added: “Millward Brown’s Brand Performance Programs provide marketers with the tools they need to develop and manage their brand strategies and deliver unique insights critical to in-market optimization. The launch of a new BrandDynamics, the program’s first solution, marks an important advancement in helping marketers create meaningfully different brands, and we look forward to adding additional solutions to the program over the coming months.”