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Millward Brown Digital’ s new study helps marketers grow their brands through more effective mobile marketing. Read on to understand what your brand needs to do to Get Mobile Right.

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Mobile has fundamentally changed the media landscape by increasing the opportunities for marketers to reach their consumers, but many brands are not adapting their marketing plans fast enough to take advantage of these changes. Mobile now surpasses TV as the most-used screen among multiscreen audiences.

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Leveraging social networks will continue to be an important part of consumer engagement. 23% of shoppers that use a mobile phone in-store use a social network. More importantly, more than half of them use the social network for product or brand discovery or peer feedback, rather than for socializing.

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Mobile has proven to be a very effective advertising channel: the average mobile campaign is two to four times more effective than PC-based online media campaigns at impacting metrics such as Brand Awareness, Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent. But that doesn’t mean that all mobile advertising is guaranteed success. The effectiveness of mobile advertising largely depends developing the right creative and making smart targeting decisions.

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