2013 BrandZ Top 100

BrandZ Top 100 Rises 7 Percent With Growth Across Categories

In its 8th year, we are proud to present the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Using data collected by Millward Brown on behalf of WPP and tapping into the proprietary valuation method of Millward Brown Optimor, we remain committed to helping you understand how brand building enhances the financial health of your company. Last year we saw negligible growth in value in the BrandZ Top 100, a cause for concern in the marketing community. We are pleased to report a respectable 7 percent increase this year, and in the 8 years we have been tracking brand value, the value of the BrandZ Strong Brands Portfolio has grown by an amazing 58 percent.

At Millward Brown, we're proud to be at the center of BrandZ and even more proud of the wonderful colleagues with whom we work across WPP.

Key Results
Consumer categories rebound
Consumer categories experienced the strongest brand value appreciation as confidence and spending improved overall, despite economic difficulties in Europe and the slowdown in the BRIC markets.
Food & drink experience mixed results
Changing consumer habits, ongoing health concerns and economic pressure on core customers moderated results. Brands emphasized value, added healthier menu options, and remodeled locations.
Technology brand value remains flat
In a year of product iteration, rather than innovation, the overall brand value of the technology category remained flat. The race to assemble and dominate ecosystems defined the year for B2C brands. In B2B, some brands discovered opportunities in big data and the cloud, while others struggled to reposition away from device-driven strategies.
Financial brands improve
Many of the bank brands grew significantly in brand value based on new, successful initiatives to drive revenue in a more regulated, low interest rate environment. Some of the gain in brand value restored value lost after the global financial crisis.
Commodity categories decline in value
Political unrest compounded the challenges of the high-risk oil and gas category, which explored for natural resource reserves in some of the earth’s most difficult and fragile environments.
Top risers cross categories
Among the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, those that rose fastest in value came from these categories—Apparel, Beer, Luxury, Retail and Technology. The category diversity indicates that a brand’s ability to be different and relevant drives success, not its category.
Fast growing markets influence brand value growth, even as economies slow
The number of brands from the fast growing markets in the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013 totals 17, compared with 20 a year ago.
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