Grow your brand over the short and long term

Short term vs. long term

Every experienced marketer recognises the problem: you know that brands grow over the long term, but all too often your efforts are diverted into delivering the next quarter's budget.

And most of the data easily available – whether it's sales, searches or clicks – focuses your attention on what's happening now.

The reality is that sustained, long-term growth is rare:


So how can you future-proof your brand?

Three key drivers of sustainable growth

To understand what drives sustainable growth, we've analysed the performance of 3,900+ brands from our BrandZ™ global brand equity database, across 58 categories and 21 countries.

Getting the balance on investment right across three areas of marketing activity is critical to your brand success.


Activity at each point needs to work in synergy with the others to build sales momentum, and maximise your growth potential by up to 46%.


Size matters

Building sales momentum is a very different task whether you're a small brand or a big brand. Small brands have to focus on acquiring users from competitors, while big brands need to drive additional purchases from existing customers.


Source: Kantar's Europanel BG20 study conducted across 36 countries, 86 categories, 20,000+ brands and 1.1 billion purchase points.

Brands that adopt a growth strategy appropriate for their size grow 45% faster than those that only grow penetration.

In today's volatile and time-pressed world, how can you combat data short-sightedness and improve your chances of achieving sustainable growth?

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We offer five recommendations on how to turn short-term success into long-term growth:

  1. Get the right balance of investment across three key marketing activities
  2. Deliver the brand experience that will delight your existing users
  3. Grow your brand exposure to reach new buyers
  4. Plan your brand activation to ensure salience among shoppers
  5. Inform good strategy and provide strong brand guidance

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